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For Health Care Professionals
Refer a Patient

While the Alberta Radiosurgery Centre will take enquiries from patients and family members, the referral and registration must come from a physician's office.

Please use the following process when referring a potential patient to the Alberta Radiosurgery Centre:

  • Submit patient demographic data and diagnosis using the following link:
    Online referral form
  • The referring physician's office will need to send diagnostic images and information for use at ARC multidisciplinary rounds. This information may include most recent MRI/CT/Angiogram audiometry (electronic format preferred) with report. ARC may contact referring physician's office for additional information.
  • Potential patients will be discussed at ARC rounds. These rounds will be open to referring physicians via video conferencing (where available). Patients will be prioritized by condition, and by information provided from the referring physician regarding care plan.
  • Patients with uncomplicated brain metastasis may bypass the rounds process if during the triage phase the referring & ARC physician deem this to be appropriate.
  • If the patient is deemed an appropriate candidate for treatment by ARC, an appointment with ARC physicians will be booked for the patient to have a clinical assessment and discussion concerning treatment options.


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